Shohadaye Haftome Tir Hospital was started to be built in 1341 with a construction cost of 170 million Rials from the funds of construction programs and was put into operation in 1345. This hospital is built on a plot of land with an area of ​​120 thousand square meters. And it had about 13,500 square meters in 5 floors. Initially, the capacity of the hospital was 150 beds.
In those years, this hospital was considered one of the most equipped and modern hospitals in the country, which was built by Behsaz No company.
Currently, it has 240 approved beds, which includes a central building and several satellite buildings and a special clinic (Afarinesh Clinic) with an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters. The central building has general departments for men 1, men 2, women and special departments of central ICU, ICU2, ICU3, ICU4, ICU5 and emergency ICU and CCU and surgical, orthopedic, neurology, internal, infectious, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, physiotherapy services. and imaging, which includes C-ARM in the operating room, simple radiology, CT Scan, ultrasound, portable radiology in the CCU and ICU departments, as well as an MRI machine (under construction). This hospital was opened with the aim of providing services for trauma and accidents, and after some time, in addition to providing services in other fields, it has become a hub for surgery and cancer in the south of Tehran.
The location of the hospital is at the end of Shahid Rajaei Street in the south, in the vicinity of several highways such as the old Kehrizak road, Behesht Zahra, Azadegan and Imam Ali highways, which makes access to this hospital easier. Also, the closest subway to this center is Shahrari metro line one.
A helicopter pad has been created in the hospital to speed up the transfer of trauma patients. This hospital accepts all patients from southeast and west of Tehran city as well as Islamshahr, Varamin and Pakdasht cities.
specialties available in the hospital; Orthopedics - surgery - brain and nerve surgery - jaw and face surgery - ear, throat and nose - emergency medicine - internal medicine - heart - infectious - radiation therapy.
Currently, the construction projects of the 320-bed replacement hospital and the expansion of the emergency operating room are under construction.
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