The training, treatment and research center of Shahadaye Haftome Tir as the best training center in the field of trauma patient care and the only trauma center in the south of Tehran to provide safe and effective services to all traffic and non-traffic injured according to the highest standards announced by the Ministry of Health and Provides medical treatment and education. This center strives to diagnose and treat cancer patients with the highest facilities. It is also known as the center of referral and training of brain and neurosurgery in South Tehran, and it considers its mission to train skilled human resources in some fields and conduct useful and practical research at the best level.



With diligent efforts, we intend to keep this center as the best training center in the field of trauma patients care, provider of the best trauma treatment services by setting up accident and incident research center. Actively improve treatment services for elective and non-traumatic patients, especially cancer patients.



  • Adherence to scientific principles and standards in providing services
  • Process orientation
  • Providing safe and effective services
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Respecting the rights of patients and other stakeholders
  • Discipline
  • Empathy and honesty
  • Vitality
  • Environmental Protection


macro goals

  • Quantitative and qualitative improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic services in order to maintain and improve the health of patients (health transformation plan)
  • Improving the level of patient safety and implementing mandatory patient standards
  • Quantitative and qualitative improvement of educational program (development of education and clinical research)
  • Improving patient satisfaction
  • Improving staff satisfaction and improving working conditions
  • Cost and resource management



About us (unit introduction):

About us

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