The medical services that can be provided in this center are as follows:
This hospital currently has 240 approved beds, which includes a central building and several satellite buildings and a special clinic (Creation Clinic) with an area of about 5 thousand square meters.
The central building has general departments, orthopedics, neurosurgery and special departments of Shahid Doktar Shahrestani ICU, ICU1, ICU2, ICU3 and CCU and inpatient department of radio-oncology (YAS), 7 operating rooms, D-clinic and emergency department.
This hospital was opened with the aim of providing services for trauma and accidents, and after some time, in addition to providing services in other fields, it has become a hub for surgery and cancer in the south of Tehran.
specialties available in the hospital;
Orthopedics - General Surgery - Brain and Nerve Surgery - Maxillofacial Surgery - Otorhinolaryngology - Subspecialty Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Emergency Medicine - Internal Medicine - Internal Neurology - Heart - Infectious - Radiation Therapy - Anesthesia - Nutrition - Forensic Medicine Consultation
This center has paraclinical services as follows:
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  Also, a replacement hospital with 320 beds is under construction. . .
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